PAT Hirshmann

Why Crane Repair is So Important

We take great pride in having become the world’s most knowledgeable and effective crane repair specialists. With over 35 years of experience, we can provide the expert crane repair, refurbishment, calibration, and parts services you need. Our clients come from a wide variety of industries, like construction and oil and gas drilling and refinery. We can also arrange for crane rentals.
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Hirschmann schools engineers in LMI troubleshooting

Hirschmann holds training for engineers
Hirschmann LMI training

Mobile control and automation product specialist Hirschmann recently held a three-day training course at Stephenson Equipment of Harrisburg to give participants hands-on experience of the firm’s load moment indicator products.

Taught by Hirschmann’s Dean Bakner and John Featherston, the course focused on how to use and maintain Hirschmann’s iVISOR […]

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Hiap Tong takes delivery of a Grove GMK6300L

New possession of Grove GMK6300L

International rental firm Hiap Tong has bought a Grove GMK6300L all terrain crane for work within its headquarter country of Singapore.

The Grove GMK6300L all terrain, with 300t of lifting capacity, is one of two cranes in Manitowoc's new six axle all terrain class. It offers extended boom reach, compared to […]

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Hüffermann Krandienst drives a Liebherr home

Crane Service company selects 100 ton Liebherr LTM1100
Liebherr is chosen crane

Hüffermann Krandienst has selected a 100t Liebherr LTM 1100-5.2 all terrain for work in and around Vechta, Germany.

It is the fifth 100-tonner working for the crane service. The Liebherr LTM 1100-5.2 mobile crane was onsite at Hüffermann Krandienst’s north German Vechta depot by October […]

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Manitowoc provides a solid foundation for Mississippi bridge

Manitowoc aids in erection of bridge in Mississippi
Massman Construction uses Manitowoc 7000

A Kansas City contractor is using a Manitowoc 7000 to help construct the pylons of a new cable-stayed suspension bridge being built in St. Louis, Missouri over the Mississippi River.

Owned by Massman Construction, the lead contractor on the joint venture responsible for the […]

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Liebherr breeds a hybrid sea monster

Liebherr hybrid concept a great idea!
Liebherr signs contract with Russian oil company


Liebherr maritime and small crawler division has unveiled designs for a new hybrid crane concept that can be used both as an offshore crane and as a mobile harbour crane.

In June this year, Liebherr Russian sales office signed a contract with Russian oil […]

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Manitowoc Crane Shipments Delayed into First Quarter

Manitowoc Crane products delayed because of union strike
Negotiations underway for Manitowoc Crane
Manitowoc Crane, Manitowoc, Wis., said the shipment of some of its Manitowoc crane products will be delayed into the first quarter of next year as a result of supplier delivery issues and a machinists’ union strike that began November 14, according to the […]

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Liebherr Portal Crane Awarded Crane of the Year

Liebherr Crane is awarded Crane of the Year!
Liebherr wins prestigious honor

International Bulk Journal, a British magazine, awarded Liebherr port cranes with the “Crane of the Year” award for its portal crane, Liebherr LPS 600, used for bulk handling and provided with flexible configurations for ports of different sizes.

This is the third year in the […]

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Demag secures first harbour crane order from Papau New Guinea

Demag Cranes enters Papua New Guinea
Demag Cranes expands presences in Indo-Australian region

Demag Cranes has delivered its first mobile harbour cranes to Papua New Guinea after receiving an order for four Gottwald G HMK 6407 Model 6 cranes from PNG Ports Corporation.

Once all four Demag cranes are delivered to two of the island state’s main […]

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Manitowoc Cranes Aid in Iowa Wind Farm Construction

Iowa Wind Farm uses Manitowoc Cranes to Aid in Construction

Several Manitowoc cranes and Grove cranes were used to erect 193 wind turbines at the Rolling Hills Wind Project, Massena, Iowa. Mortenson Construction, the main contractor working for project owner MidAmerican Energy, rented three Manitowoc 16000s (each with a wind attachment), two Manitowoc 14000s, two […]

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