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Liebherr LTM 1400 PAL System Repair

PAT DS350 and Crane Electrics

This was an emergency job where we had to rush out technician to Guatemala, Central America. The crane was operating inside of a nickel mine in the rainforest of northern Guatemala lifting heavy loads in limited space areas.  Our customer reported complete failure of all superstructure crane control function, basically the crane did not move at all when we arrived. Emergency by-pass was not functioning.

  • Upon arrival we checked the obvious issues: fuse breakers, power supplies and connections; all were fine.
  • Logically we had to troubleshoot the PAL Control System and test the signals for each control circuit, such as swing, tele, hoist and boom hoist.
  • We found several failures in the swing circuit due to corrosion and wiring issues. After repair we regained crane swing functionality. Adjusted the Liebherr LTM 1400 PAL System Cards for swing circuit.
  • Upon extensive work on the other control circuits, crane electrics and the Liebherr PAL system, we managed to regain all crane control functions at least in Emergency-Bypass (Montage).
  • The PAT console gave an error code E279 that indicates a failure of an input card in the bus extension. This error disabled all load moment increasing functions, such as tele out, boom down and hoist up. Bypassing was not possible.  After troubleshooting the PAT LMI bus extension we found the DC/DC converter supplying 5V power to the bus extension motherboard defective.
  • After the initial Liebherr LTM 1400 PAL System Repair was completed, during the installation of the replacement components we adjusted all sensors, loadcell for Superlift, fine-tuned all PAL system cards and adjusted/ tested the PAT LMI DS350.

At the end of the project our customers were very excited to have their machine back up and running and able to continue its work.  If you have a similar need feel free to call us toll free in the US at 855.BODE.TEC or internationally at +1.303.433.8878


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