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Demag AC 665 PDC Multisensor Card Troubhleshooting

Recently we assisted our customer in State NY with a PDC failure of his Demag AC665. The in house mechanic reported that the PDC indications of the working screen (geometrical data, boom length, boom angle, etc.) do not match with the actual crane values after they replaced one of the multisensor card assemblies. Also he reported boom pinning issues that appeared after replacement of the card.

  • We checked the reported condition and found angle, length and radius completely out of sync with actual values.  Several error codes were display indicating that length and angle sensor were out of allowable range.
  • After measuring the electrical current of the sensors (4–20mA) entering the multisensor card input we found that all sensor signals were correct determining that the sensors were not the cause for the failure and the error messages.
  • All internal power supply voltages were measured on the multisensor mother board and found to be correct.
  • We checked the data transmission through the profi-bus cable to the CPU inside the PDC console.
  • After connection of our test computer we identified a data mismatch on the new multisensor card caused by a defective slave driver module plugged into the motherboard.  For verification we used a slave driver from another multisensor card in the bus coupler and found correct indications.
  • We recommended to replace the complete multisensor card, with preprogrammed slave driver module as it is not possible to replace individual parts on the multisensor card; both boards are pre-programmed with data for the particular serial number of the crane and position of the multisensor card.
  • Upon replacement of the pre-programmed multisensor card assembly, all PDC displays returned to the actual values.

Our customer was very happy with this result and once again continued with normal operations for the Demag.  If you have a similar issue feel free to call our service department for a free consultation toll free in the US at 855.BODE.TEC or internationally at +1.303.433.8878


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