Liebherr has devised a new and novel elevator for mobile crane machines, allowing the operators to either ascend or descend the tower crane using the latest technology. The new elevator eliminates the yesterday’s method to ascend stepladders to reach out the operating cabin. The elevator includes rack 2×2 hold designs and maximum height of hoisting upto 300m. The elevator is designed to carry maximum two people along with equipment. It is fixed inside the crane machine, providing the utmost convenience to operators.

The elevation of the pulleys rails is in correspondence with the pole section and can be mounted in position inside the tower crane and re-used it with or without supports. And rails can be mounted with the standing pole section which is already in an owner’s fleet.

Most importantly, the elevator is powered by a lithium-ion battery, avoiding the conventional way to get power to run. The operators don’t need to be worry about power supply wires, ropes, and other drag cables, as the new pulley system is completely an electronically controlled system. As far as safety is concerned, it will never interrupt the functioning of installed safety devices like LSI Wireless GS550 Display. When the elevator is at the nethermost of the pole, the battery is kept for charging from the main electricity supply board.

The latest Liebherr elevator duly abides by the EN 81-43:2009 Safety rules that have been designed for the construction and installation of lifts.

With the latest technology and applications, internal escalating is now possible on Liebherr poles of 2.3 x 2.3 m and larger along with: 185 HC, 256 HC, 355 HC, 500 HC and 1000 HC. On the other hand, the external elevation is requisite on the following: LC, 120 HC, 140 HC, 170 HC, 256 IC and 355 IC. The elevator is scheduled to bring in public at the Intermat exhibition in Paris, France, mid-April 2015.