Hirschmann holds training for engineers

Hirschmann LMI training


Mobile control and automation product specialist Hirschmann recently held a three-day training course at Stephenson Equipment of Harrisburg to give participants hands-on experience of the firm’s load moment indicator products.

Taught by Hirschmann’s Dean Bakner and John Featherston, the course focused on how to use and maintain Hirschmann’s iVISOR MK4E/2 and iVISOR maestro load moment indicators

Both instructors used a variety of methods in and outside of the classroom, including simulation software, to help attendees of the course understand the theory behind Hirschmann operator aids.

Content included learning how to correctly wire, calibrate and effectively troubleshoot a systemic problem caused any of the load moment indicator’s components.

As well as the classroom-based portion of the course, part of the training included handling the load moment indicator as part of a mobile crane’s operator assistance systems.

*Article from www.cranestodaymagazine.com

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