Crane Junction Box

Simple Steps to prevent down time


Improper crane junction box lid installation and dirt on gaskets is one of the most common reasons for water in enclosures, especially in junction boxes and cable reels for crane service.  Contrary to what may be intuitive it is not good to bolt an enclosure lid down as hard as possible.  We have seen countless gaskets fail after being “cranked down” tightly.  We have found that gaskets lose their sealing effect under three main conditions:    

  • Loose bolts on the lid
  • Lid cranked down too tightly and/or unevenly
  • Damage or dirt on gasket

Our recommendation:  Before sealing enclosures run your finger along the gasket and remove any debris you find.  Check for cuts in the gasket.  When sealing, bolts should be tightened so as to distribute the load evenly across the gasket by using a staggered cross-tightening pattern.  Hand tighten enclosures. Crane Service


A Junction box lid with a gasket that was not sealing, notice construction site dust has mixed with water (Condensation Affect, see Simple Step #1) to create a sludge of mud that was completely destroying the sensitive electronics. Crane Service




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