World Class Crane Repair Service

The BTS Tech™ team of crane repair technicians take great pride in being some of the world’s most knowledgeable and effective crane repair technicians. With over 35 years of crane industry experience specializing in crane electronics we provide expert crane repair, refurbishment, calibration, and parts services for the crane rental, rigging, construction, and refinery industries.

Worldwide Crane Parts

BTS has developed one of the larges parts network in the world providing crane parts for all major manufacturers. Our parts team can source parts from multiple distributors in multiple countries. We have collaborative relationships with PAT Hirschmann distributors and are a global dealer for Load Systems International (LSI) parts.

Immediate Availability

Our knowledgeable crane repair service technicians are available via phone for immediate support and can be available in person anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.  With customers all over the world, we are a proven global resource for crane service needs.

Customer Benefits

A relationship with BTS means you have a lifelong resource to answer your parts questions, support your crane service operations, and have the worlds most qualified technicians at your disposal should you need them.   We work diligently to assure that you have minimal down time and maximum crane lift safety.

Capabilities Statement

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