The construction of wind turbine across the European continent has reached beyond the extent of 125m with 3MW hubs – which means that the type of crane systems available widely needs improvement and advancement in capacity to carry out the projects efficiently.

Klaus Kroeppel, the vice president at Manitowoc, maintains, “The latest generation of wind turbines requires much larger cranes to carry out maintenance and repair work, such as changing rotor blades or generators.”

The wind parks are being setup in very distant area and the generators are becoming bigger. Consequently, the need for lifting machinery with large length and robust jib is higher. These days, 2-3 MW or even bigger wind turbines are being put in for the wind energy and for establishing such larger generators, the crane with 500 to 800 ton capability are turning accurate solution.

For regions where roads and transportation facilities on the wind construction sites are inappropriate for a creep crane, the users do prefer selecting the best alternate to the conventional crane machines.

In order to meet the requirement, major crane manufacturers have begun introducing crane machines with increased capacity. Zoomlion in China has built QAY800 mobile crane machine that is armed with robust and enduring wheels and powerful wind plant jib, allowing the operators to setup 2-2.5 MW wind turbine easily with the utmost precision. In addition to its technical properties, the mobile crane has quick assembling performance, along with robust and stable lifting capability. With safety devices like LSI wireless GS550 display have also made the machines more capable and safer for large projects.

From the same manufacturer, QUY350 crawler crane machine has been introduced with advanced technical applications like extendable and folding crawler exporters. The crane machine is duly efficient to get in the narrow roads at wind turbine farms.

Liebherr, one of the most celebrated crane manufacturers, has also designed advanced crane systems — The 630 EC-H 70 Litronic and 1000 EC-B 125 Litronic – which include advanced technical features to lift loads weighing upto 125 tones.