Tower crane is the most critical machine for a labour-intensive industry, which has to employ its workers on heavy work projects, including loading and offloading weights. The workers find it easy and safe to lift loads at the workstation. Depending on the requirement, different crane machines are put in job to deal with heavy materials. But the machine can cause severe damage to the projects, due to mismanagement and ignorance while utilizing crane machines. Since lifting weights from the ground to hundreds ft. above in the air using a crane machine is safe to a great extent, yet it requires your utmost alertness for the entire course.

In addition, some weather conditions are also responsible for breaking down the high-rise tower crane machines at the workplace. Most of the tower cranes fail to load and offload due to adverse weather conditions: wind and heavy rain. Data says more than 15% of the total reported accidents around the workplace are linked to wind and rain. And most of the incidents were reported when the wind speed was recorded less than 50mph, which might not be as strong as to destroy the machine.

Mentioning the conditions that brought end to the crane machines, experts think that weather-related accidents were caused by less wind speed than designed structure. On the other hand, the lack of wind speed indicators in the machines has also been one of the prime reasons behind the collapse. The latest crane machines are including advanced LSI GS 026 wind speed meter device that keeps the machine functioning and away from any feasible threats.

Generally, most of the tower crane machines are least exposed to wind blowing over what they appear. If the machines have been designed perfectly based on the latest guidelines, they are efficient to bear approximately “out of service” wind blowing speed of no less than 100mph to 160km. But for such high endurance and the ability to withstand high wind blow, a tower crane machine is required to be armed with proper tools: slew power-assisted brake on the loose, trolley left in the inner station and a knob attached with no load. In addition, the foundation for crane machine should be constructed properly with high strength.

And last but not least, crane machine should have advanced safety devices like LSI GS 320 wind speed display that can keep on informing the operator regarding wind speed at all time.