Despite the odd situations in Koblenz, Germany, Terex CC 2800-1 crawler crane was successfully established in the place in merely two days. It was purposed to erect wind turbine amidst the dense forest and the path that was unoccupied for vehicles and crane systems was much constricted in width. In addition, the crane’s boom was to be accumulated on sloping landscape, despite the large length of the boom measuring 150m. The space for establishing crane system was awfully limited.

“With a 138 m S7 boom, a 12 m fixed jib balanced on 10 degrees, and 180 tons of ballast, the crane could carefully handle the three core lifts, which were necessary to erect the wind turbine.” said Terex.
“On top of that, we had to use the suspended super-lift tray with a weight of 325 tones,” said Frank Strempel, who is responsible to operate the Terex CC 2800-1 crawler cranes by Mobi-Hub.

The crane system is obviously made to complete the assignments even when there are huge challenges. In order to keep the operators safe and secure against any potential danger while operating crane system, the machine features safety devices like crane load moment indicator.

The CC 2800-1 crawler first elevated the 48-tonne nacelle and the 71-tonne generator that was one of the weightiest machineries in wind turbine. Then the propeller that weighed approximately 68 tones was amassed and the hoist was taken in the direction of wind turbine, with the weight previously equipped with, on a rock-strewn route, which was laid out previously.