The construction of 432 Park Avenue, a high-rise residential building in Manhattan NY, has been recently accomplished with the greatest feat using high-end and advanced machines and technology. The building is now said to the 2nd tallest tower in New York, and 3rd tallest in the United States.

“432 Park Avenue is by far the tallest building we’ve ever done lifting work for; there were days we were above the clouds. We could see for miles. The sunrises and sunsets were priceless.” as Tony Rodrigues said.
26.5-ton Potain MR 415 tower crane was inducted as one of the key machineries of the construction project. The crane system made it easy and safe for constructor to pick load off of a New York Street and elevating them about 650 ft. in the air. The thrilling heights, measuring about 1,396 ft., demanded an electric tower crane machine, incorporated with an outstanding ascending package, increased capability, and above all, a fast line speed. It is for the first time an electric mobile tower crane was utilized in constructing 432 Park Avenue.

When the construction project was about to complete, the tower crane was fixed some 1,600 ft. above the street. Though it was crucial and challenging to lift the loads at this height, but the advanced tower crane MR415 was efficient enough to take the weights to the top of the building. On the other hand, advanced crane warning system in Potain MR 415 was also an exciting element during the construction work.

It is somewhat tricky for operators to lift the heavy weight for 432 Park Avenue. The adjacent closeness of neighboring constructions was a persistent hindrance for the construction project. And it used to turn worst when the machinist lifted the weight to above 1,400 ft. in the air. It was difficult for them to see the weight they were lifting from the ground. But with the inclusion of 215 horsepower-rated electric tower crane Potain MR 415 turned all such tasks convenient and safe as well.

Tony Rodrigues explained “Every weight was a ‘dangerous lift’ for us on the construction project, sometimes there were difficulties only 20-30 feet above from where the weight was to be lifted. But our expert signal men, along with qualified crane operators, stayed in persistent communication, and in the end, the accurateness of the crane system Potain MR 415 made all the executions convenient, efficient operation with no mistakes.”