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Krupp KMK 5110 EKS83 Failure

We were recently able to help one of our great customer’s in the State of New York with his Krupp KMK5110 EKS83 failure problems. The customer reported a wrong percentage indication for the three telescope sections. With the boom fully extended the EKS83 LMI system indicated tele 3 correctly at 100%, tele 2 at 200% and tele 1 at 0% instead of all 3 section at 100%.

  • Upon arrival we checked the reported failure and found it as described
  • We checked the power supply to all three length sensor cable reels and verified the signals. Found that length sensor for tele 1 was wired incorrectly and rewired.
  • With fully retracted boom length the percentage indication showed -035/-035/000 percentage.
  • The signal converter boards for the three length channels were checked and all voltages and input signals found correctly. The output signals are multiplexed and cannot be checked easily.
  • In order to ensure that the Signal Converter Board multiplexed output signal existed, we swapped tele 1 and tele 3 card and found no change of EKS83 console/ central unit change.
  • Further testing determined that the EKS83 console/ central unit had an internal defect and needed to be replaced.
  • During our testing we found the rod side pressure transducer defective.
  • Additionally the angle sensor was mechanically adjusted to agree with the actual boom angle.

After a few replacement parts supplied by our parts department our customer was able to get back to work as usual and his KMK is working perfectly.  If you have a similar issue feel free to call our service department for a free consultation toll free in the US at 855.BODE.TEC or internationally at +1.303.433.8878

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