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Krupp KMK 3045 EKS Console & Automatic Suspension Leveling Repairs – Grenada, Caribbean

Recently we were able to service and repair our customer’s Krupp KMK3045 on Grenada in the Caribbean. The crane accidentally tipped into the ocean during loading process onto a barge. The customer reported several electrical and hydraulic issues after the crane was recovered. The main concern was the failure of the Automatic Suspension Leveling system of the carrier and the EKS83 system on the superstructure. Although there were many other issues we are going to focus on the Automatic Suspension Leveling system and the EKS83 LMI repair.

  • Upon arrival in our customer’s yard we checked the suspension leveling system and found the system non-functional in manual or road travel mode.
  • We checked the 8 proximity switches at the front and rear axle and found 7 proximity switches defective.
  • After replacing the proximity switches and rewired the circuits after which we received correct signals to the rack inside the drivers cab.
  • We measured the power supply and signals inside the suspension leveling rack and repaired several wiring and connection issues due to salt water damage. Also one of the joysticks failed on several contacts and needed replacement.
  • Also we found 8 automotive relays replaced with the wrong type relay (wrong contacts).
  • After replacement of the wrong / defective parts and repair of wiring issues we tested the Automatic Leveling System in road travel mode and automatic mode and found it functioning correctly. Only a fine tune of the proximity switches and a replacement rod installation had to be done to complete this part of the job.
  • We checked the EKS83 system and found the EKS83 central unit/ console in poor condition.  However we were able to manage the repair of the console. Some of the boards and internal components had to be replaced using components out of a used console we had shipped in from our stock.
  • After reinstallation of the console we reset both length sensor, angle sensor and checked the pressure transducer zero values; all were in allowable range
  • The crane was moved to the test pad. We compared the geometric data indication with the actual of the crane and found values meeting the specifications needed.
  • We continued with other electrical and hydraulic issues on this crane.


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