Harrington Hoists, Inc. has introduced a new and innovative “plug and play” crane kit that is designed to help the operators save on their valuable time in either maintaining or installing crane machines. The crane kit is developed to deal with the most challenging applications in the machines, which can cause the operators to bear unexpected expenses and technical hindrances while hard wiring crane mechanisms.

Jennifer Ferguson, Product Development Engineer at Harrington Hoists, Inc., says that the crane kit developed to ease operators’ tasks is purposed to bring the crane industry enduring and reliable kit that can establish a new standard in the industry. It is made to make it possible to save time and cost on crane maintenance and installation by offering an advanced system that includes various useful components. The components are set into crane control panel to handle critical applications. Moreover, the kit is simply expedient to use. The operators need to plug the panel box and start working with it.

According to the experts, the panel box has been designed using five key plugs such as main power, hoist power and control, short side end truck, long side end truck, and crane control system. The crane control panel kit has been developed using heavy-duty cast aluminum plug coverings. The development team at Harrington is proud to bring a new engineering innovation that is ascertained to ensure high efficiency and accuracy while handling the machine. The heavy-duty plug covering is strong enough to withstand dust and water while operating crane machines.