PAT Hirschmann Mark 4E2 LMI

The PAT Hirschmann Mark 4E2 displays a full range of information in the operator’s cab. Designed for use on mobile cranes, the Mark 4E2 is installed and calibrated to the load chart of each crane – including specific load and geometric limits on boom length, angle, and operating radius. This Hirschmann load moment indicator gives the operator the information necessary to fully utilize the cranes capacity while keeping within the working limits of the crane.  Contact us toll free in the US at 855.BODE.TEC or internationally at +1.303.433.8878

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PAT Hirschmann MK4E2 Features

  • Displays actual / allowable load, load radius, boom angle, and length
  • Integrated bar graph provides a quick color coded reference of cranes utilization
  • User-friendly set-up through the operators console
  • Alerts the operator when any of the software derived limits are reached or of an impending two-block condition
  • Complies with SAE and ANSI B 30.5 standards

PAT Hirschmann Mark 4E2 Indicator

The PAT Hirschmann Mark 4E2 Offers

Quick, Easy Calibration – Exclusive AccuCalTM calibration software allows calibration through the operator’s console by your local dealer. No additional device or personnel is needed. The program utilizes a pass code that prohibits access to unauthorized personnel.

Measures True Load Moment – By measuring the true load moment, the PRS 145 senses boom dynamics, load swingout, wind loading, shock load and the effects of boom deflection. Pressure transducers in the lift cylinders of telescopic boom cranes are used to measure load moment.

Digital LCD Display – Large characters and a super-twisted LCD—backlit for night operation—gives operators a clear and easy view from all angles. Integrated Light bar The integration lightbar provides a quick reference of crane utilization

Anti-Two-Block – A special hoist limit switch sounds an alarm and flashes a visual warning of an impending two-block condition.  Function Control Lever Lockout When the LMI System senses an overload or an impending two-block condition, the PRS 145 provides a relay output which can be used to engage an optional lever lockout system to override hoist “up” telescope and “out” and boom “down” functions.

Self-Diagnostics – Continuously monitors system and sensors. Error codes are displayed to help identify problems and minimize downtime.

PAT Hirschmann Mark 4E2 Manuals