PAT Hirschmann Cable Reel

PAT Hirschmann Cable Reel

The PAT Hirschmann LWG crane cable reel consists of a housing, a spring-loaded cable drum with measuring cable and mounting equipment for installation on the boom. There is a length sensor, angle sensor, slip ring, and circuit board in the housing.  Contact us toll free in the US at 855.BODE.TEC or internationally at +1.303.433.8878

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Cable Reel Features

  • Telescopic lengths greater than 150 feet
  • Output signals, 4 – 20 mA and CAN
  • Compact construction, Simple installation
  • Exact measurement of boom length
  • Signal transmission of additional sensors via the length sensor cable
  • Up to 15 signal channels of the slip ring
  • Redundant options available on request

Cable Reel Sample Breakdown

PAT Hirschmann Cable Reel Breakdown
The length cable is mounted to the tip of the boom and transmits the anti two block signal. The number of turns and the diameter of the cable drum define the length of the uncoiled cable, thus, the telescopic length is determined. The angle measurement is determined by means of the angle sensor mounted inside the cable reel housing.

LWG vs LG Type Cable Reels

The PAT Hirschmann Cable Reel comes in two types, LWG adn LG.  Length AND angle sensors comprise the LWG series and can be used on all kinds of equipment where a precise capture of the data relating to the length and angle of the telescopic boom is necessary.

Length sensing only comprise the LG range and are available and used exclusively for length data capture.


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