An expert from a recent service email regarding PAT DS 350 Error Codes:

I have attached two pages with error codes. Those are the only once that include a number 8. If it shows up with an 8 only you must have a digit missing on the display (LCD).

The only errors that includes 8 is the E08 or E38.

  1. If you get the E08 usually it’s on and off and you can hear a relay clicking. That means one of the relay is shutting down. Also since you mentioned that you got new board, please ensure that those relays are 24V relays. This crane is 24V if I remember right.
  2. If you get E38 than your system eprom is either installed wrong or doesn’t match the original version. Did you get the new main board without system eprom and you had to transfer the eproms from the old board to the new board? Or did the new board come with new system software. The new system software version may not match with the existing one. Since this is recorded in the data eproms, a different version system software will not work unless changed in the data software.

Obviously with an error code on the display, you will not get any load display and perhaps no radius display; for safety reason. As always, please contact us for more assistance and best of luck.

PAT DS 350 Error Codes E08
PAT DS 350 Error Codes E38