With new upgrades in Liebherr’s crawler crane, now its performance has been increased by more than 25% and now it has reinforced boom and derrick mechanism for more load capacity. By upgrading its LR 1750 crawler crane machine, Liebherr has made it possible for the crane operator to handle increased loads on workplaces.

The upgradation in crawler crane comprises of extending of derrick boom by 7 to 38 m, reinforced boom system, and heavy duty boom system. In addition to the technical upgradation, ballast boom has also been improved, bringing advanced hydraulic drive system to ensure increased safety. Though the Liebherr LR 1750 crawler crane machine does already include enhanced load moment indicator (LMI), yet the latest upgrade can ensure increased protection to the workers.

Liebherr is known for its high-end and advanced crane machines that have been much useful for both workers and operators. It is a large manufacturer exclusively involved in manufacturing large crane machines and equipment. In addition, the manufacturer has also been providing advanced technology to the crane industry since its inception. In order to make the crane machine safe at workplaces, Liebherr has introduced a line of crane safety devices like LMI, anti-two block system, wind indicators, and others.

With increasing inclination towards safety and protection against feasible threats, Liebherr has brought more advanced applications and hardware to its Liebherr LR 1750/2 Crawler Crane.