In addition to the safety devices for mobile crane systems, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has introduced an innovative safety video and manual for crane operators who can now benefit the tool in several ways. The latest system is designed in compliance with the industry best practices and U.S. OSHA 1926:1400 crane standard requirements. The safety manual introduced by AEM has been designed, keeping all the changes that have been seen in crane industry and in the OSHA regulation over the last few years.

The live-action setup of the video and manual liberally has been explained with the easily understandable illustrations that make it convenient for crane operators to understand the program so as to be safe and secure while operating a mobile crane system. This time, AEM has attempted to complement its safety messaging by developing safety video and manual together. LSI wireless GS550 display can now be utilized with extended efficiency, as the newly introduced safety video and manual can make the operator use the best of such worthwhile devices.

The video can help the operator in:

Avoiding incidents and ensuring complete safety around the workplace

Preparing the crane system for safe operation

And, organizing the workplace or construction sites for safe and managed crane operation

According to the industry experts working as members on the Crane Technical Committee at AEM, AEM safety manuals and videos are security documents designed in a clear and understandable language that can be easily followed by the crane operators. It is said to be the most cost-effective way to provide the operators with safety information concerning the critical operation of a mobile crane system.