In principle, a crawler crane is a kind of mobile crane system that is technically proficient to transport heavy weights moving one place to another easily and safely. It has become one of the most essential tools for several heavy projects, including mining, construction, high-rise building, and others. And all the projects demand exclusive crane system so as to execute the work properly, ensuring maximum safety to the workers and operator. Crawler cranes feature some prominent hardware that collectively makes it possible to transport the materials with utmost safety and accuracy. The diverse hardware in the crane system may be referred to as house, car body, side frames, boom, hoist, wire rope and sheaves.

When it comes to safety measures, the crane is known for the real-time alerts when it crosses the limit. Hirschmann PRS 40 EZ and other safety devices provide the crane with great efficiency to avoid the feasible risks caused by either mismanagement or over loads.

Dissimilar to a hydraulic crane or truck crane; the crawler crane doesn’t have beams. Since, it is not an exclusion of the hardware; rather the beam has minimal use in the crawler crane systems because of the greater permanence it offers. The boom or the arm part of the system is mainly of a lattice configuration for the crane system. On the other hand, the crane system is also known for the flexibility and convenience that a crane operator finds while transporting heavy materials.

The rise in the wind projects resulted in the expansion of crawler crane systems, as the crane is an accurate solution to installing tall wind turbines, measuring usually about 109 yards (100 m) long. One of the celebrated crane manufacturers Liebherr was the sole manufacturer to bring a crawler crane, which was exclusively made to deal with the wind farm construction.

The first crane system was lengthened less than 5.5 yards, having great capability of moving on narrow wind farm land. The manufacturer then also fixed the frameworks with crawler cranes to offer increased permanence and betterment in maneuverability. The beams moved the crawler tracks completely off the earth and then revolved the materials easily with no damage at all. Load moment indicators have also added the most useful aspect to the machine, by providing real-time alert system.