MEC develops 60ft titan boom for crane service

Crane Service


Aerial work platform manufacturer MEC, Kerman, Calif., is developing a 60-foot version of its Titan Boom aerial platformfor crane service. The largest current model in the family is the 40-foot Titan Boom 40-S. The new Titan Boom will provide 20 more feet of platform height.

An MEC official today confirmed that the company is developing the new model and plans for crane service to have a prototype in cycle testing by early next year. MEC expects production units to become available during the third quarter of 2012.

Though the 60-foot Titan Boom for crane service is still in development and its full specifications are not yet set, MEC says it will provide 60 feet of platform height and have all the features that have made the Titan Boom series of aerial platforms popular in the industry. The 60-foot Titan Boom will use the same 22’ x 7.5’ platform as the 40-foot model, and its capacity will be at least 3,000 pounds.

MEC says it will thoroughly test the model for crane service so that it will hit the market as a fully finished version.

*Article from Lift and Access*

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