Load Systems International announces the global release of new wireless instrumentation products to increase crane safety and efficiency

Load Systems International

Load Systems International

Load Systems International is announcing the release of three new innovative products, the Wireless Slew Sensor and Work Area Definition Software, the Mini Cable Reel and the Stainless Steel Line Rider.

The Wireless Slew Sensor measures the angle of rotation of the crane upper structure to the crane lower superstructure with less hassle. Slew sensor data is transmitted to the cab mounted display for limit monitoring, load chart selection, work area definition and crane function lockout. Users can set a 3D limit for radius and tip height with the Work Area Definition Software.

The Mini Cable Reel is designed for proportional hydraulic crane booms (when you pull on telescoping lever, boom sections telescope equally) and booms with a maximum boom length of 32 feet (10 meters). The single conductor stainless steel cable can terminate at the end of the first telescoping section on a proportional boom, eliminating the need to run the cable all the way to the boom tip. This feature reduces cable breakage.

The Stainless Steel Wireless Tensiometer is a valuable load monitoring option when there is not a dead end to place a load cell. It is built from 304 Stainless Steel and provides users with flexible options including wireless rope speed, payout and direction.

These new wireless products, as well as the entire wireless product line from Load Systems International, are designed to easily and efficiently monitor crane operations and improve operations in the crane and lifting industry.

*Press release from Load Systems International website www.loadsystems.com*

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