Switzerland based crane service provider Clausen Kran made it possible to traverse the sharp slopes and tight curves at the height of 2,020m by utilizing advanced Liebherr LTR 1060. The crane system has undertaken about 40% inclines of the Swiss Alp in order to extend a railway tunnel on the Gornergrat railway in Zermatt.

It was actually challenging for the professionals to maneuver and to deal with the steep slopping of the Swiss Alp. But with the help of LTR 1060, it becomes easier to complete the task. The navigating capacity of the crane system was harshly limited as the consequences of the reduced ratio between the crane’s length and the track’s width.

The crane system accomplished more than 900m route, which includes a gradient of 180m. And its hook system was also used to stop it from swinging. For a number of risky and challenging projects, Liebherr LTR1060 is highly perfect to accomplish the job.

In order to enhance the functionality of such crane systems, there appear several security systems that make them capable of completing the projects easily and safely. Pat Hirschmann system is said to be one of the most essential systems for a crane. It makes sure the crane system is being utilized within its capacity. Because of its critical services, the crane system is always advised to utilize with the utmost care. Moreover, such mechanism is used to ensure safety and security to the workers; consequently it is always suggested to utilize a crane system after checking all the vital points.