Crawler cranes are a superlative selection for the projects that run for longer time and involve huge resources. The long-run projects, including power plant construction, wind farm construction, infrastructure and bridge & road constructions require reliable and heavy-duty crawler crane systems. Bearing the importance and increased ability of the latest crawler crane system on mind, John Kennedy, Manitowoc’s senior vice president of crawler cranes says “A crawler crane can also be installed on a special platform on a barge for use at sea.” He further says “Such barge cranes perform material handling, installation and general construction work.”

On the other hand, key technical advancements like high capacity to move with heavy loads, higher lifting capability, and the ability to get aligned with ring and lower attachments, latest crawler crane system has become the foremost choice for large projects.

The latest crawler crane system includes a computerized control mechanism, LSI GS 320 Wind Speed Display, hydraulic lifts and amplified line pull. Furthermore, it can also be constituted with Manitowoc ringer and tower supplements with no any technical alteration.

The newest crawler crane system CC 8899-1 from Terex has been introduced with Boom Booster kit, which is aimed to handle steep and long boom structures. The boom booster kit increases the capacity of the crane system by more than 85% and gives upto 70m of boom structure. Keeping the safety measures in mind, Terex has developed the crane system with fall protection mechanism that turns the crane operation safer and more secure.
Likewise, all the key crane manufacturers have introduced very functional and operative machines with increased capacity and maximum accuracy in crane operation.

So, the requirement of heavy lift crawler crane systems is apparent across the globe, as all the nations have long-run plan to establish large power plants and construct basic infrastructure.

A representative from Sany says, “To realize the nuclear power planning in China by 2020, at least two generator sets should be brought into operation every year. This means that lifting operations would be undertaken simultaneously in multiple projects in which multiple sets of large cranes will be involved. Therefore, in the following few years, the market of large-tonnage crawler cranes will boom due to the restart of nuclear power projects.”