LSI Load Cells

Load Cells

Load Cells


  • Standard single part line pull sizes include: 5,000 lb, 12,000 lb, 18,000 lb, 35,000 lb, 60,000 lb, 100,000 lb, 170,000 lb
  • Direct Sequence-Spread Spectrum-Two Way Communication-Load cells
  • Transmission Range: 4,000 feet; 1,300 meters
  • Ships as standard with 1-“D” Cell lithium battery, 2-4 years battery life
  • Users can replace lithium battery with “D” Cell alkaline battery if lithium replacement battery is unavailable when battery goes low. Battery life is 6 months to 1 year using alkaline
  • Each load cell ships pre-calibrated eliminating the needs for test weights-Load cells
  • Each load cell is temperature compensated for increased accuracy
  • For crane applications the load cell can be mounted above a ball, odd parted on the block or even parted at the boom tip-load cells
  • Potted electronics for increased water proof protection
  • Operating temperature: -30F to +180F; -35C to +85
  • 2 year warranty against defects-Load Systems International
  • Accuracy is .1% on a single part of line, 1% on a multi part
  • Custom sizes on request-load cells
  • Each load cell is made as standard from 17-4 stainless steel
  • External antenna increases transmission range as compared to internal antenna
  • User replaceable antenna-load cells


Load Cells Range:

  • 5,000 lb / 2.5 Tons
  • 12,000 lb / 6 Tons
  • 18,000 lb / 9 Tons
  • 35,000 lb / 17.5 Tons
  • 60,000 lb / 29.9 Tons
  • 100,000 lb / 49.9 Tons
  • 170,000 lb / 85 Tons

Bode Technical Services specializes in crane repair on Terex Cranes, Demag Cranes, Grove Cranes, Liebherr Cranes, and Krupp cranes. Beyond crane repair, Bode Technical Services also utilizes a global network of crane parts suppliers including PAT-Hirschmann, Load Systems International,Terex-Demag, Grove, and Greer to supply fast, cost-effective crane parts-load cells