DS350 Replacement

PAT Hirschmann DS350 Replacement

One of the most sought after crane parts here at Bode Technical Services is a replacement for the DS350 that is in so many of the aging cranes in use today.  Luckily there is a DS350 replacement that is a very simple installation.  The replacement for this crane part is the PAT Hirschmann Maestro, also known as the PAT Hirschmann DS160, is an economical solution for replacement of many of the older DS350 systems.  Setup of the Maestro is minimal and is done through the user friendly console.  The replacement kit comes complete with a new console, a new LMI computer system, pressure transducers, and all the interconnect cables needed.  An optional boom kit is also available that includes a new cable reel and A2B systems.

Our crane parts department carries a supply of these DS350 replacement consoles and is always standing by to answer any questions about these Maestro units should you have them.