When it comes to transporting weights using overhead lifts, safety must be first and foremost priority to make sure the crane system execution is not a threat to the workers and operators involved. Undoubtedly, you will always keep safety in the forefront of your mind while operating crane system, as the consequences of ill-operated overhead hoists are not confined to only injuries and casualties; rather it does also affect the nearby properties, machinery, etc.

Here are 4 prominent safety instructions, which you should consider while performing lifts using crane system.


For the best execution, the crane system demands periodical maintenance. Because of transporting heavy weights, the hardware and parts of the crane system start fading over the period. In such circumstances, regular maintenance is believed to be a key to the safety for crane operation. Maintaining overhead hoist is never an optional job for the operator. If any of the hardware in your crane system gets worn out or broke down, you should immediately replace it with new one.

The hangs or attachments are safe:

Checking the hangs and attachments in a crane system is certainly an important thing to execute, as it makes sure the objects and weights don’t slip from the height. For safe and secure operation of hangs and attachment in a crane system, anti-two block system is believed to be the most functional device for a crane system.

Make sure there is no obstruction:

Before going to start lifting the loads, you should check if there is any blockade. The overhead elevator should lift the weight straight into the air without any obstacle. You should make sure the cables, boxes, and other objects are not attached with the hangs, as they put extra loads on the elevator. Crane warning systems plays a good role in notifying the operators if there is any obstacle.

Make sure the workers are trained and informed:

Most importantly, trained workers do also make a difference when it comes to maintaining safety at the workplace. The professionals working with crane system should have updated information over how to operate the elevator safely.